raspberry_piDads love geeky things but if you’re still wondering what’s best to wrap up for him and pop under the tree, then take a look at these great gift ideas – perfect whether he’s a popular culture geek or more of a tech nerd.

1. Raspberry Pi 
If your Dad likes to tinker with his tech, then a Raspberry Pi Zero might be a good gift idea to keep him occupied in the evenings. With the Pi you can experiment with programming, it can be used to create wearable tech, motion detectors and even create retro games. Wired has put together a helpful starter guide on the piece of tech for you to read up on, then you can decide whether it’s something your Dad would be happy unwrapping.

2. Geeky subscription box 
Subscription boxes are a gift that keeps giving, if you pick up more than a month’s subscription to the service. There are numerous to choose from, it all depends on your Dad’s tastes. Here are a few to consider:

  • My Geek Box 

A monthly, themed box featuring geeky merchandise this is great if you know your Dad will enjoy a surprise each month. Past themes include Villains, Apocalypse and Quests to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • My Retro Game Box 

This box sends out a monthly care package of retro games that your Dad will enjoy replaying if he has the console. From SEGA games to PS2, it’s the perfect choice for the retro game lover.

  • Collector Corps 

This box features only Marvel themed merchandise but has a theme each month. Dispatched from America it is a pricier box but if your Dad is an avid Marvel fan then it’s the perfect gift idea.

3. Universal wrist charger 

Is your Dad always on the go and laden down with everything from his smartphone to his tablet to his smart watch? Then a universal wrist charger might be a great gift to ensure he doesn’t run out of power, out of the house. Available from Amazon, it comes with a variety of adapters so you can swap them out depending on the device you want to charge and looks pretty stylish when worn.

4. Magazine subscription 
While searching for gift ideas for him, it can be easy to lose yourself amongst the tech and the exclusive merchandise but really you could back to basics with a good old fashioned magazine subscription that focuses on his favourite hobby. Whether it’s a monthly publication on computing or a subscription to the latest Marvel comic, he’ll be happy.

5. Mini drone
If you fancy buying a gift that your Dad will love but your Mum will find infuriating, then a mini drone is perfect. A small version of this grown up, remote control toy will cost around £40 or if you’re feeling generous, pick him one up that features an inbuilt camera so he can take aerial shots around the house. Better than a remote control car and more fun to play with, he’ll be occupied for most of Christmas Day.