The_Walking_Dead_title_cardFor any Walking Dead fan eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 6, incorporating zombie themed elements in your wedding day makes as much sense as taking Daryl and his crossbow out with you on a supply run in the vast apocalyptic terrain.

If you’ve been considering tying in your love for the show – and all things undead – with the biggest day of you and your partner’s lives, then here’s how:

  1. Gothic wedding rings
    Even if your engagement ring simply features a traditional sparkly diamond, such as this example, you can still complement it with a more gothic themed wedding band that is in keeping with a macabre, undead theme. Why not get your band inscribed on the inside with something Walking Dead related? ‘You’re the Carol to my Daryl’, or ‘Til death tear us part’ are great examples.

  2. Cake toppers
    Topping your cake with a zombie themed decoration is a great way of nodding towards your favourite show without going completely over the top. Have toppers created in your likeness but made to look like shuffling zombies, or feature zombie figurines crawling up the back of the cake to reach the bride and groom on top. Here are some great examples to sink your teeth into.

  3. Photo ops
    You can do some pretty crazy things with Photoshop these days so why not set up a staged photo in your wedding shoot that looks like you are battling zombie wedding guests? Your photographer could enhance the pictures by adding fake blood to those acting like the undead and slap some weapons into you and your partner’s hands.

  4. Invitations
    One of the simplest ways to introduce the theme is to create invitations that feature comic book style drawings of you and your partner battling the undead, as well as all the important information. Something like this should do the job.

  5. Or… encourage everyone to dress up
    You could go all out with the theme by actually donning some fake blood, pale face paint and perfecting your zombie moan for the day. Zombie obsessed couple Rob and Jen Blackmore had a wedding to tie in with the new release of the zombie themed game, Dead Island Riptide. Guests actually dressed as zombies and the bride and groom shuffling down the aisle after their nuptials. You can watch the amazing ceremony here for inspiration.

If you do fancy organising one yourself then hop on a plane to Vegas, where you can sign up for a Las Vegas zombie wedding package that includes an undead minister, theatrical lighting and fog, plus creepy music and décor.

Some things to note if you are going full on with the theme:

It’s a good idea to warn guests beforehand. However, your friends and family should know you well enough to understand if you decided to go with a zombie theme.

Check with your venue that they will help you make your ideas come alive.

Think about kids – don’t make it too terrifying if little ones are going to be around because they might not understand the theme.

Finally, when you hold your wedding could help the theme come alive; a Walking Dead wedding closer to Halloween will make more sense for most people.