Telly Addict LogoBroadcaster and author Andrew Collins is hosting a new weekly review series to be shown on UKTV’s YouTube channel.

The weekly 10-minute Telly Addict sees Collins cherry pick shows from across Britain’s eclectic range of television output and deliver engaging insight and opinion.

Telly Addict was previously produced by The Guardian and ran online for over five years and 249 episodes.

 Collins said, “I’m thrilled to be continuing with Telly Addict under the protective wing of UKTV, whose original output, especially in comedy, has long been on my watchlist.

“It began life as a column in Word magazine ten years ago, and it feels oddly subversive that it should finally arrive at a company that makes TV! I hope new and existing supporters will join me for a chat on YouTube every Tuesday.”

Head of Consumer Communications and Telly Addict executive producer, Justine Bower commented, “As a company that’s passionate about television we jumped at the opportunity to give Telly Addict a new home on our network.

“We love that Andrew’s reviews reflect the craft of television and he has grown an engaged and informed community around it over the past five years.

“For us it’s about being part of the cultural conversation around TV shows.”