bbc-iplayer-logo_1200Mobile app versions of the BBC iPlayer are being upgraded to include the popular Live Restart feature which lets viewers watch shows that have already begun from the beginning of the episode.

Already available online and on connected TV platforms such as Now TV and YouView, Live Restart will be rolled out to Android and iOS mobile and tablet apps “shortly”.

iPlayer is also being updated to offer on demand HD (720p 50fps) by default on computers and connected TVs which support Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) technology.

Owners of other devices can manually opt to watch in HD by selecting the onscreen button.

The BBC is also improving the ability to scroll forward and back within programmes by introducing thumbnails which display as the user moves along the scrub bar, making it easier to find the scene or moment you were looking for.

The changes were announced today by Dan Taylor-Watt, Head of BBC iPlayer, who also revealed the broadcaster is working on “lots more enhancements,” including subtitles on live channels, easier discovery of 400 archive programmes available on iPlayer and “a raft of personalisation features” which will make it easier for users to discover new content.