The latest Apple TV software update offers little for non-US users
Today Apple have released yet another software update for their Apple TV set top box and, like the last one, it adds little of use to UK owners.

Back in March Apple added an option to watch Major League Baseball – hardly of huge interest to the majority of us who live outside the US.

This time round it’s added the ability to watch Vimeo videos and to buy and stream TV shows from iTunes.

The second of these would represent a huge improvement in the box’s usefulness and desirability but sadly, and I know you guessed this already, it’s not available to those of us who can spell ‘colour’ correctly.

I’m not sure I understand where Apple are on this product.

Here in the UK, as I’ve noted before, it would be THE perfect add-on for Freeview homes, adding pay-per-view movies and, potentially, catch-up TV via the apps already coded to work on other iOS devices.

But in almost a year Apple have added little to make the product sell over here.

At this point in the Apple TV’s lifespan we’d have to caution any British shoppers considering one to take it ‘as-is’. If you want to stream movies from iTunes or push content to your TV via AirPlay it’s still a great device, just don’t buy in the hope or expectation of much more being added.