Image: Apple
Apple fans are unlikely to get any new TV based products from the firm this year according to reports which say the iPad and Mac maker’s talks with content owners have stalled.

It’s never really been clear what such a product would bring to the UK, all discussion centres on a product designed to help US consumers escape poor-value cable TV subscriptions.

Yet the merest hint of a new product has been enough for some UK analysts and commentators who should know better to suggest the tech giant would dominate the ‘smart TV’ market on both sides of the Atlantic.

I remain sceptical that any product which eventually emerges will sell in large numbers outside the US.

Its development of the current TV product suggests Apple really doesn’t know or care much about the TV landscape outside of America and questions remain about what a new device would offer non-US buyers.

While tech pundits sit waiting for Apple’s vapourware, UK platforms Freesat and YouView are busy re-inventing TV to combine free to air TV and on demand content through a single interface.

Both have the backing of major broadcasters and use familiar TV design and language ensuring they’ll appeal to the wide, non-tech audience any product needs to reach to be considered a success.

Apple will eventually release its TV product but my hunch is that whatever finally emerges will be lucky to achieve even niche status in the UK.