Willem Dafoe advertising BT’s 4G mobile plans. Image: BT
Willem Dafoe advertising BT’s 4G mobile plans. Image: BT
BT has added a range of pay-monthly smartphone tariffs to its BT Mobile line-up, a move likely to significantly boost the service’s appeal.

Launched last year as a SIM-only service, BT Mobile has more than 300,000 subscribers, the majority of who are understood to be broadband customers adding mobile to their BT bill.

BT gives existing broadband customers a £5 per month discount on standard mobile tariffs in return for adding a plan to their household’s bundle of services.

As well as the usual allocation of minutes, text messages and data, BT Mobile plans also include access to the firm’s 5 million WiFi hotspots and BT Sport channels, parental controls and the ability to set a spending cap to minimise out of plan charges.

While the initial SIM-only offering has proven popular, it largely appeals to those who already own a compatible 4G handset which they’ve either bought outright or are bringing from a rival network.

By offering a range of smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7, BT will hope to broaden the service’s appeal to customers with older, non-4G handsets who are looking to upgrade.

Customers can choose from the following three plans:

  • Plan 1: 400 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data
  • Plan 2: 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB data
  • Plan 3: Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 15GB data

with discounts available on the Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy S6 for customers who sign up before July 7th.

BT has also confirmed it will drop its long-standing long-standing ban on data tethering so that customers can use their mobile phone’s data allowance with tablets and laptops.

Announcing the new plans, John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer, said: “Just over a year ago we launched some of the UK’s best value SIM-only offers from just £5 a month.

“Now we’re going one step further with our fantastic value pay monthly mobile phone contracts with extra savings for loyal BT broadband customers.

“We’re offering great deals on great phones, 4G on the UK’s biggest network with unlimited access to the most extensive wi-fi coverage via more than five million BT Wi-fi hotspots.

“Plus until 7th July you can get discounts of up to 50 per cent for six months.”