bt_home_hub_5BT has boosted the speeds available on its entry-level fibre broadband service to 52Mbps, making it the fastest starter package available from any UK fixed line provider.

Speeds offered by ISPs using BT’s Openreach network currently start at up to 38Mbps while Virgin Media, which has its own network, offers a base speed of 50Mpbs.

Previously the lower tier Infinity 1 package offered speeds of up to 38Mbps while the top Infinity 2 package offers users up to 76Mbps.

All BT broadband customers also benefit from unlimited access to the firm’s 5m WiFi hotspots and security software, while those taking a £20pm option with unlimited data downloads also get 100GB of cloud storage which they can use to backup photos, videos and music.

A cheaper package, which includes 25GB of downloads and the 52Mpbs speed, costs just £10pm.

Both packages exclude line rental which costs £17.99 per month and connection fees.

David McDonald, director of broadband, TV and sport bundles, BT Consumer, said: “Our research has shown that it’s what you can actually do with your broadband that matters most to consumers.

“We want to give them a faster speed as standard so that everyone in a household can be online at the same time and still enjoy watching their favourite YouTube or HD content without buffering or bickering over whose turn it is.

“The new, faster BT Infinity 1 service is about giving consumers a premium broadband experience as standard, allowing them to enjoy all the digital world has to offer.”

BT will be promote the speed bump with a new advertising campaign starring Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds who’ll be seen speeding up to a glass fronted house in a beautiful car before coming to a sudden stop.

He will go on to tell viewers that life moves pretty fast for him. Once inside the house Ryan will explain that he needs broadband that moves as fast as he does and that is why he has BT Infinity.

Dan Ramsay, BT Consumer marketing director, says: “We hope viewers enjoy watching Ryan showing just how fast BT Infinity is in our latest “Behind the Scenes” advert.

“We wanted to showcase how our new BT Infinity product is now the fastest standard fibre service. We understand that speed really matters to our customers and wanted to reflect this in an amusing and entertaining way.”