While those of us on this side of the Atlantic spent the weekend putting up Christmas tress and putting up decorations, US news site CNN spent their Saturday guessing how many Amazon Kindle Fires have been returned by unhappy customers.

The Fire is a tablet device running a customised version of Google’s Android operating system.

Last week Amazon said sales of its Kindle range were four times higher over the ‘Black Friday’ weekend than for the same period as last year.

The company has not provided details of the number of actual units sold, leading to analysts and news outlets guessing sales rates. One recent estimate has it that the online retailer will ship 3.9m Fires this quarter.

By counting the number of one star reviews and looking at other feedback, CNN estimates “that nearly half a million of the estimated 3.9 million Kindles to be shipped this quarter will be returned.”

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  1. Xiromisho says

    So… by using the 1 star reviews (which can be left by those who do not own the device, fyi) CNN is guessing at the returns? If I could think of a worse benchmark to use to gauge returns I’ll let you know, but for now that is the worst I’ve ever seen. That’s like measuring the US poverty level by the amount of bank accounts are closed each day.

  2. Gary A. Salem says

    as someone who rated the fire 1 before receiving it because of shipping delays, i am perfectly happy with the product. it’s primarily a reader!!! this idiotic rush to judgment by cnn is just to create sensationalism for their ratings. a stock manipulation is also a possibility. lets get the figures and quit the estimates without facts!

  3. Bill says

    I ordered both the Kindle Fire and the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet for my wife to use. She used both for a week, and then she asked me to return the Fire. We returned it because of poor performance: it was difficult to pick items you wanted from the screen, the page turning when reading was slow and balky, and the user interface was hard for her to figure out.

    She was quite satisfied with the Nook Tablet, though. It was better than the Fire in the areas noted above, and it also had external volume controls, which are helpful when viewing videos with Netflix.

  4. Andre Richads says

    @ Gary A. Salem:

    Wow, chill out. The original article from CNN actually takes people like you into account.

    “Using 90% of the 13.3% one-star reviews as rough measure, this suggests that nearly half a million of the estimated 3.9 million Kindles to be shipped this quarter will be returned.”

    The author of the CNN piece, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, is one of the few journalists/business analysts out there will real objectivity and serious critical thinking skills. You should read his article before passing such harsh judgment on the motives behind it.

  5. Andre Richads says

    Oops, quoted the wrong part of the article. “Eight of these 10 customers stated explicitly that they were returning their Kindle Fires, and a ninth sounded like he already had.” Which leaves 1 person giving a 1-star review who presumably kept it.