dara_UKTV_900Dara Ó Briain is adapting computer-games based quiz Go 8 Bit, which was a big hit when performed live on the Edinburgh fringe, for comedy and entertainment channel Dave.

The live show was devised and hosted by Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon who will appear in the new TV version as team captains. Each week they’ll guide a celebrity guest teammate through five rounds of increasingly competitive gaming contests.

Dara and the show’s resident gaming expert Ellie Gibson will be on hand to adjudicate, commentate, and generally wind up the contestants as they tackle a mix of classic games and newer titles.

The series will be recorded in front of a live studio audience who will decide the winner of each round.
Dara Ó Briain said, “Put a video game controller in the hands of a nun and she’ll turn into a trash-talking bloodthirsty monster.

“Give a controller to a comedian and they’ll do that too, but be funny. In video games veritas, my friends. This show is a raucous, back-biting, properly competitive celebration of the world’s favourite pastime. Let’s Go 8 Bit!”
Iain Coyle, UKTV senior commissioning editor, added: “As someone who barely knows his Wii U from his ZX Spectrum, I was a huge fan of the live show.

“Add Dara to that mix and I think you’ve got yourself the potential to join gaming and comedy audiences in a completely unique way.”
Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit will air on Dave in Autumn 2016.