Digital publisher Blasted Heath is hoping to add the personal touch to ebook gifting this Christmas with a five book gift set contained on a branded USB stick and shipping in a presentation pack.

included titles include are: All The Young Warriors by Anthony Neil Smith, Dead Money by Ray Banks, Phase Four by Gary Carson, The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson by Douglas Lindsay, and The Man in the Seventh Row by Brian Pendreigh.

All titles are DRM-free and the USB stick contains copies in three file formats to guarantee compatibility with all current ebook readers.

The £12.99 set, which also includes a colour brochure with book covers and information, will be available to order via from November 1st.

Blasted Heath co-founder Kyle MacRae says: “The problem with giving an ebook as a gift is – what exactly do you give? A book token printed on your inkjet? It’s not exactly the most rewarding present.

“But the Blasted Boxset is something beautiful and original to unwrap and enjoy – five great novels packaged in a lovely presentation tin, all for the price of a single hardback. It’s the ideal gift for anyone who’s had a Kindle for Christmas.”