TrackR_BravoA new coin-sized tracking device which allows users to easy to find lost valuable items using a smartphone is now available from EE.

Called the TrackR Bravo, the device device clips to valuable items such as car keys and bikes to allow owners and can be tracked and relocated via an iOS or Android smartphone app.

The firm says adding the device to its line-up “forms part of EE’s connected strategy offering devices and mobile accessories that provide new and exciting experiences for customers on the go. “

How TrackR works:

TrackR Distance Indicator: When an item is misplaced, it can be located by accessing the TrackR app on an users iOS or Android smartphone and using TrackR’s Distance Indicator. The Distance Indicator tells a user how far away the item with the TrackR Bravo attached is, and can also make the TrackR Bravo ‘ring’ to easily find the missing item. TrackR Bravo has a range of up to 100 feet, to help find items misplaced nearby, such as in the home, car, a restaurant, friend’s home or office

Phone Finder: TrackR also works in reverse, so if your smartphone is misplaced simply tap a button on TrackR to make your phone ring. You can also set up an alert that will notify you when you move a certain distance from your phone, so you never leave it at home again

TrackR Crowd GPS: If an item is lost outside, in a park or on the commute to work for example, you can tap into the TrackR Crowd GPS to track it. If one of TrackR’s 10,000+ users comes within a mile of your lost item, you will receive an alert from TrackR telling you where it is

TrackR Bravo is available from EE retail stores priced £24.99 for a single unit, £44.99 for two and £79.99 for a pack of four.