Judge-Judy_900The four CBS UK channels, CBS Reality, CBS Action, CBS Drama and Horror Channel, have reported their highest ever year share of commercial impacts after joining the Freeview platform.

All four channels are owned by CBS Studios International and AMC Networks International – UK and show a library of acquired content, including Judge Judy and Star Trek, alongside some original commissions and co-productions.

The portfolio’s SOCI has grown 56% since 2014 to 2.18% of the UK’s commercial TV audience in 2015. They also saw a full year audience share of 1.29% – up 58% on 2014.

Reed Manville, EVP International Channels, CBS Studios International said, “Since its launch in 2009, the CBS UK channel portfolio has evolved into a powerful platform for advertisers to target UK viewers.

“We look forward to working with our partner AMC Networks International – UK on delivering advertisers an even greater share of the UK commercial TV audience in 2016.”