Image: Spectral-Design / shutterstock
Image: Spectral-Design / shutterstock
Watching our favourite films and TV programmes at home is one of modern life’s simple pleasures. As a shared family activity, few things beat settling down on the sofa – popcorn and remote control at the ready – to watch a blockbuster movie or TV extravaganza.

However, what if we went one step further? What if we enhanced our viewing experience by decorating the home using themes from our favourite movies and TV shows?

Game of Thrones home
The distinctive interiors on the sets of Game of Thrones easily translate into a modern, shabby chic interior. Focus on roughhewn materials such as rustic forest faded timber, dark carved woods and plenty of stone.
Sofas should be layered with faux fur rugs and shaggy chic throws, which are great for snuggling up for a box set binge session.

Accessories with dragon’s egg ceramics, jewelled goblets and chalices, gigantic brass chargers stacked up with fresh fruit, faded maps of Westeros on the wall, and perhaps a majestic set of antlers displayed above the open fireplace will all reinforce the look.

A long, solid wood dining table lined with candelabras, surrounded by throne-style high-backed chairs completes this wild, dramatic style.

Gatsby glamour
The recent movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby featured opulent sets depicting scenes of exquisite interiors from the Roaring Twenties.

Get this look at home by sourcing a sofa in deep, plush velvet (scarlet, kingfisher blue, violet or emerald green would all work beautifully); fit a glittering chandelier at the ceiling; and install a well-stocked, mirrored drinks cabinet in the corner of the room. To optimise film and TV viewing, window treatments such as elegant light controlling shutters are a good idea to keep glare out of the room.

Seek out period furniture cabinets in 1920s style from auctions and second-hand stores to upcycle into places for storing your film and TV library. Glam up dull wood finishes with mirror tile and lacquered gold, black and champagne-coloured combinations.

Textiles and wall coverings featuring the hard lines and geometry of the Art Deco style will push it all in a Gatsby era direction – just perfect surroundings for watching old movies in style.

Mad Men mood
The room sets of the hit TV series Mad Men – currently screening on BT’s AMC channel – have been wowing viewers ever since it premiered back in 2007. Almost like characters in their own right, the historical authenticity of the 1960s interiors has been consistently stunning.

The strong mid-century modern style has filtered into popular design culture, and current interior themes echo the look wholesale.

Invite Mad Men retro chic into your home with comfortable club chairs and pared down sofas in elegant silhouettes – perfect for lounging on during TV viewing. Accessorise with vintage lampstands with drum shades, sunburst clocks and mirrors. For storage and dining solutions, look out for Scandinavian dark teak furnishings to underline the cool, streamlined look.

With so much of our design inspiration today drawn from pop culture, there is absolutely no stigma attached to the geek chic label; and when it all looks so stylish and beautiful, who wouldn’t want a piece of that action at home?