The unwanted MLB.TV has arrived on UK Apple TV's
Pretty much every time I’ve written about the Apple TV, I’ve lamented the absence of UK-centric content including catch-up services for the four terrestrial broadcasters.

While being able to push such content from an iPad via Airplay is useful, a native capability is clearly better.

While it forced baseball menus on the world outside the US, making everything you might want to use another button press away, Apple has added nothing for UK users.

In not doing so, Apple has failed to realise the device’s potential and missed the opportunity to position the device as THE perfect add-on for Freesat and Freeview homes.

Is it a case of too little local knowledge on Apple’s part leading to an insufficiently localised product?

Will yesterday’s news that Microsoft is adding a whole host of video content to the Xbox 360 – including 4oD, Demand 5 and Player – finally spur Apple into localising the Apple TV?

Of all the Apple products I’ve bought, the Apple TV has the distinction of being the only one which leaves me disappointed.

Apple are reportedly building a ‘proper’ Apple TV, I suspect most UK owners of their current box would want to see a lot more commitment from Apple before plonking down their cash for one.



  1. Rolf says

    Bought it, never used it now lies disconnected on top of my Sky box. Would never consider buying a full fledged Apple Television.

  2. Matt Edwards says

    I also wish that the Apple TV could stream CatchUp TV services in the UK such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Demand Five, Love Film etc etc

    This is the whole reason I would want an Apple TV to plug into my existing TV set, and the lack of these features is the whole reason why I’ve not purchased one!

    Come on Apple, you are missing out on something here!