HUMAX EYE with the FVP-4000T Freeview Recorder
Humax Eye with the FVP-4000T Freeview Recorder
Set top box manufacturer Humax has entered the home security market with the release of a new web enabled camera which can be accessed via apps on your phone and selected STBs.

The Humax Eye connects wirelessly to your broadband and includes motion sensors so that it can start recording whenever movement is detected, as well as night vision capability to ensure you can remotely monitor your home or pets at any time of the day.

In addition to viewing footage on their smartphone and tablet, owners of Humax Freeview Play FVP-4000T, Freesat HDR- 1100S and HB-1000S set top boxes can also access live or recorded footage on their TV.

This feature means the Humax Eye can be used to check who is at the door or outside a property from the comfort and safety of the user’s front room, giving the device a clear advantage over its rivals.HUMAX-EYE-angle-stand

Recordings are retained for 7 days in a subscription-free secure ‘cloud locker’ and the camera’s small size means it can be discreetly placed around the home.

Graham North, vice president sales at Humax, said: “Whether protecting valuable personal or business property, or watching over the children or pets, the Humax Eye is a secure, reliable and accessible way to keep check on activity within the home or office – directly from a smartphone or tablet.

“Conveniently, the camera can be set up within minutes, and with the additional safeguard of having seven days of cloud-based recording capacity without any fees, the user never needs to be concerned about losing the footage or running out of video storage space.

“Quite simply, the Humax Eye lets you see and hear what’s most important, wherever you are in the world, and is the perfect way to make sure that everything you hold dear is kept safe and sound.”