Is the new Apple TV interface – rows of icons to be scrolled between – really better than the previous smart-looking lists?

I guess the answer depends on whether the interface change is just the first step in a radical overhaul of the device – what if these icons were to become moveable so users could order them to suit their mood, just as iPad and iPhone users can?

What if those icons are part of a move towards installing apps – such as the iPlayer or 4oD – or short links to external services?

I stand by previous assertions that in the UK the Apple TV could have dominated the ‘smart TV’ sector just as the iPad dominates tablet sales.

Is Apple laying the groundwork for that prediction to become a reality?



  1. Pete says

    That’s what also occurred to me; just looking at the clash between the brightly coloured icons and the reuse of the softer imagery from the earlier ui, above the ‘shelf’, is jarring, and it visually looks like a halfway house of a design. Perhaps it will become unified as the apple tv vision becomes more established. More positively, though, is that functionally the ui is easier to use. I like the way you can now return to the submenu options by going to the top of submenu pages. There seems to be an underlying change of approach that whiffs of both potential apps and the legendary TV proper. I am mightily disgruntled that uk owners don’t get the purchased movies in the cloud, at the present time. I’ve been hoping for that feature for a very long time, if only so that I don’t have to manually AirPlay my sons Power Rangers episodes to the telly constantly…