John Lewis is now selling Amazon's Kindle ebook reader. Photo: Amazon
Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader has gone on sale at John Lewis, although the retailer’s website is currently listing the devices as “Not available online” and is advising potential shoppers to “try your nearest shop”.

Given the current row over ebook prices being set by publishers, a row Amazon did much to stoke with blog posts decrying the move to agency pricing, it’s interesting to note that John Lewis is listing the devices for exactly the same prices as – £149 for the 3G/WifI model and £109 for the WiFi only version.

Responding to questions about pricing a spokesman for Amazon confirmed that “John Lewis sets the price at which they sell Kindles.”

The third generation of the Kindle, which offers users the ability to download books straight to their devices, is said to be the best selling since Amazon launched the range. However no unit sales figures have been released.

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  1. Alex says

    This is good news, as foreign buyers will now be able to the the Kindle VAT-free in the UK. As an expat Brit in Africa I was planning to get mine in the US but can now go to JL and reclaim the tax on the way out. What a wasted opportunity that the same does not apply to downloading books. Currently overseas would-be buyers of Kindle book downloads not only have to pay UK VAT but in many cases are barred from downloading the books at all. Rportedly this is because they should go through the US site, but not all UK books are on this site. One can buy and export a book by air or (usually) post, so why not online?

  2. Doug says

    I had a look at this yesterday on the John Lewis web site and thought great as I have vouchers to use, looked today and it’s been removed. So much for supply and demand.