AuraONE_Lifestyle_BedTime_1200eBook retailer Kobo has announced a new eReader, the Kobo Aura ONE, which features new backlight technology to ensure it doesn’t affect users’ ability to sleep after using it.

The new device was designed with the help of some of Kobo’s top customers who gave the firm a list of features they’d like to see incorporated into the final product.

The result is an eReader which fits more words to a page thanks to an edge-to-edge 7.8” screen which offers a hardcover-like size, reducing the number and frequency of page turns needed, and a new front-light technology which Kobo says won’t impact on customers’ sleep.

As well as reducing blue light, which experts say can affect sleep quality, Kobo has fitted the Kobo Aura ONE with an ambient light sensor which automatically detects current light levels to emit the optimal brightness.


Bath-time readers will also be pleased to know that the device is waterproof and, thanks to the use of HZO Protection, can be fully submerged without the need for port covers.

The device measures 195.1 x 138.5 x 6.9 mm, weighs 230g and has a 300 ppi for print-quality resolution, 8GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM and a Fast Solo Lite processor

“As we build new devices, we are trying to keep the reader’s entire reading life in mind – where and when do they read, how can we make things easier, how can we combine beautiful design with pushing the envelope of what technology can do. Everything we do is for the reader,” said Michael Tamblyn, CEO, Rakuten Kobo.

“The insights and feedback gleaned from working closely with some of our top customers were instrumental in the design of this new device.

“The result is an eReader that offers our biggest, thinnest screen yet, a revolutionary light that adapts to day and night—and it’s waterproof, which means it can go virtually anywhere you do.

“In the end, we want to make people’s reading lives better, and with the help of our most passionate customers, we created Kobo Aura ONE to do just that.”


Kobo Aura ONE will be available in the UK from 6th September in soft black and will retail for £189.99 on, as well as participating retailers. 
Also announced today is the Kobo Aura Edition 2, a refreshed version of Kobo’s well received Aura eReader, which will go on sale September 6th priced at £99.99.