Kobo’s Android-powered tablet, the Kobo Arc, is now on sale in the UK and Canada.

The 7” device offers access to Kobo’s reading app and integrated bookstore as well as more than 600,000 apps and is available in three storage configurations: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

The Arc also offers web browsing, emails and Kobo’s unique interface Tapestries which allows users to easily organise and display content by ‘pining’ their favourite content.

Kobo say the device will ‘learn’ what its user likes, recommending more of the content they love. and presenting it on the ‘Discovery Ribbon’.

“Finding new videos, websites and articles is something we can all admit to spending hours searching for,” said Wayne White, EVP and GM of Devices  Kobo.

“With Kobo Arc, we have developed new ways for users to easily and more importantly, quickly, discover new information, resources and entertainment based on their interests rather than their purchase history. We want people to be surprised and delighted by Kobo Arc each time a recommendation is made based on their personal interests and tastes.”

Prices start from £159.99 and the Arc is on shelves in the UK at branches of WHSmith.