Man_of_Steel_posterOf the many new releases coming out at the cinema this year, director Christopher Nolan’s Man of Steel has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated.

This most recent incarnation of the Superman story sees Henry Cavill taking the starring role as the superhero who masquerades as the modest and timid journalist Clark Kent. It’s a story that most people will be familiar with, but for the youngest generation of moviegoers, it’s probably the first time that they’ll get to see it acted out on the big screen.

And for those Christopher Reeve fans out there, it’s a great opportunity to see how another actor brings Superman to life.

The plot in Man of Steel follows the same lines, where we see that Clark Kent has been adopted and raised by loving parents Martha and Jonathan in rural Kansas.

They’re played by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner. However, in David S Goyer’s script more focus is placed on Superman’s birth parents in this version, and Russell Crowe has taken the role of Jor-El. Superman’s love interest Lois Lane is played by Amy Adams and super villain General Zod is played by Michael Shannon. For the first time, newspaper editor and Clark Kent’s boss, Perry White, will be played by an Afro-American actor, with Lawrence Fishburne playing the role.

It’s been said that there are only so many good stories out there, hence all the remakes and different versions we get of classics like Superman. With a glittering cast as outlined above, here’s hoping that Man of Steel will deliver a great cinematic experience.

Even if you’re not a comic book fan, there’s something that little bit more real about the Superman story which makes you want to go and see how this one stacks up against the rest. It’s due for release in early April, so we don’t have to wait too long to see the superhero flying across our local cinema screens!