The comic book company Marvel have bulldozed their way into becoming one of the 21st century’s most popular brands thanks to some compelling movies and video games.

But the firm have also been steadily making their influence felt on our TV screens with a growing number of adaptations that show just how superhero-hungry we have all become.


One of the biggest TV hits for Marvel so far was Jessica Jones that managed to become a big success on streaming technologies thanks to its widespread coverage on Netflix.

And with the news that Netflix will be the only place where we will soon see many Marvel products, it’s shown just how in demand their output is.

It’s not just Netflix that have been quick to jump on board the Marvel bandwagon of course, as Coral’s online gaming site have given us something new from the franchise with their Marvel themed roulette game that plays just like standard European roulette, but features an array of popular characters like Spiderman, Wolverine and Thor.

Such gaming treats offer Marvel fans a suitable diversion before hugely anticipated TV titles like Legion finally come to our screens in 2017.

This series will be set in the X-Men universe and has already been snapped up by Fox who’ll hope that the series will prove to be just as much of a comic-to-TV hit as their other offering, The Walking Dead.

Charlie Cox stars in the Netflix Original Series Marvel’s Daredevil. Image: Barry Wetcher
Charlie Cox stars in the Netflix Original Series Marvel’s Daredevil. Image: Barry Wetcher

Legion looks to follow on from the X-Men action by following the exploits of a psychiatric patient with extrasensory powers who turns out to be the grown-up son of X-Men’s Professor X.

And despite the star-packed cast that the Legion series will feature, it also looks like Marvel may be making an attempt to go back their comic-styled past with two new animated features.

The news that there could be Rocket and Groot and an Ant-Man animated series will definitely please many younger Marvel fans who may have felt like the brand is taking more of an adult-centric approach with upcoming films like Doctor Strange that’s already been rumoured to be Marvel’s first horror film.

But with plenty more fun to be had from the current series of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and another successful season of Daredevil, it looks like we can expect many more TV treats and Marvel-related online games in the upcoming years.