The unwanted MLB.TV has arrived on UK Apple TV's
After updating my iPad and iPhone 4 to the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system I was then prompted to do the same with my Apple TV – I really needn’t have bothered.

As a convenient way of renting new movies the Apple TV is superb, admittedly there are some odd gaps in the library but overall it does the core job pretty well.

Where the Apple TV does less well is in its US-centric nature. Here in the UK we can’t rent TV episodes and there’s no subscription film service – both available in the US but denied to international users.

Still, at least those options are hidden so as not to rub users noses in the brown stuff.

However, following last night’s update, there’s a new menu option for Major League Baseball games sitting right at the top of the ‘internet’ menu and worse, there’s no way to switch it off.

Thanks Apple! By the way, you’re still spelling ‘theatre’ incorrectly and we still say ‘cinema’ in any event.

When I reviewed the Apple TV I highlighted the US-centric nature of the device and suggested the device would sell better in the UK if marketed as an add-on for Freeview, especially if they could bring the BBC’s iPlayer and other catch-up TV services to the device.

Five months on and there’s no sign that Apple really has any interest in developing the product outside its home market. Given the woes currently being endured by Freeview add-on YouView that’s a seriously missed opportunity.



  1. Felix says

    Although I get your point, actually, the addition of has now made the Apple TV irresistible for me. Buying one as soon as get out of the swivel chair in the office. Thanks Apple!