hd-the-gambler-1200There are so many different films out there that actually base the story on popular games, from casinos to made-up board games.

There are many movies based on video games as well as stories centred on casinos. Both of which are incredibly exciting as it displays that the impossible could very well be possible, if you like films that feature a range of popular games then check out our list.

This film is actually based on true events, this 2008 incarnation sees Kevin Spacey train a bunch of bright MIT students as well as guide them on how to play blackjack. He does this with various blackjack tricks and card counting methods.

This may be a rather lavish production however it does have great cameos including Lawrence Fishburne; this movie also bounces neatly between high energy casino scenes and emotional drama. Two actors who perform amazingly, Kate Bosworth and Jim Sturgess, as they handle their complex roles with suitable professionalism for their age at the time. If you like casino movies then it is well worth a watch.

The Gambler
This is the modern remake of the 1974 classic; also known as The Gambler. Mark Wahlberg is the main character of this film, there is a heavy sports betting plot to the film. The character that Wahlberg plays is a literature professor Jim Bennett who leads a secret life as a high stakes gambler. The film is heavily drama based as Bennett’s life revolves as well as depends on going all in.

Resident Evil
There is a whole series of Resident Evil games as well as films. The film is loosely based on the Capcom video games and is an action horror. It involves a company, named Umbrella which acts as the main antagonist, in which they are a bioengineering pharmaceutical company that creates bioweapons.

Umbrella, was responsible for the zombie apocalypse which occurred after the corporation’s T-virus infected the world. If you like zombie video games, then the film is a must watch.

Although Jumanji isn’t a real life game, it is a great film that features many games. It is a magical board game that happens to release all different types of adventures on two siblings. The film was originally a children’s book written in 1981, and next year there will be a modernised version of Jumanji to see in cinemas.