Pod-Pro-BW-900Accessory makers NOMAD have unveiled a new charger for Apple Watch users, the Pod Pro.

The “big brother” to NOMAD’s original Pod for Apple Watch, the new device is described as a “burlier” update which includes a 6000mAh battery, a built in 10″ MFi certified lightning cable, and a cable management system for the Apple Watch charging Puck.

A spokesperson said: “The goal was to create a charging solution for the weekend warrior who needs to keep both their Apple Watch and iPhone going no matter where life takes them. Pod Pro is good for 2 Apple watch charges and 2 iPhone 6 charges making this the go-to item for business and adventure travel alike.”

Also announced this week is ‘Strap’ which is made from “elegant, yet rugged, Italian leather accented with a stainless steel buckle.”

The spokesperson commented: “We built Strap because there just didn’t seem to be any Apple watch bands out there that were made with quality leather and had that classic look to really complement Apple Watch.”

Both items can be pre-ordered at hellonomad.com