Sky_logo_900Sky has expanded its TV box sets service to Italy, giving customers access to 120 seasons of 50 popular TV series including House of Cards, Scandal, The Walking Dead, The Sopranos and Californication.

Viewers will also be able to enjoy some of Sky’s own original dramas including Gomorrah and Romanzo Criminale. 

The broadcaster says more shows and seasons will be added each month as a result of its relationships with major content creators including HBO and Showtime.

Pietro Maranzana, Chief Commercial Officer, Sky in Italy said:  “Sky On Demand has been hugely popular and it will be further enriched thanks to the addition of Sky Box Sets.

“Deals with major studios and Sky’s investment in original productions enable us to launch with over 120 whole seasons and new series to be added every month.  

“As Europe’s biggest investor in content, Sky is constantly increasing the range and quality of its programming for customers as well as making it even easier for them to enjoy it whenever and wherever they want.” 

Customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Austria already get access to a large collection of boxsets and Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch recently said the service was increasingly important to the firm’s ability to win and retain customers.