digital_paperSony has announced a new e-ink based digital reader aimed at the professional market, named the Digital Paper.

The Wi-Fi enabled device features a 13.3 inch screen – big enough to show letter-sized documents full-screen – and is designed to increase productivity and streamline collaboration.

Sony claims the screen is capable of displaying sharp, easy-to-read text and graphics that are “nearly identical” to printed documents or full-size notepads while the device’s touch panel enables easy navigation through documents.

In addition, a stylus allows users to write “fluidly” on the panel as well as also easily highlighting and erasing text.

Sony predicts Digital Paper will appeal to users in the legal, higher education, governmental and corporate sectors.

“This is a true replacement for the vast amounts of paper that continue to clutter many offices and institutions,” said Bob Nell, director, Digital Paper Solutions of Sony Electronics.

“It is very easy to use and optimized for reading and annotating contracts, white papers, scholarly articles and legislation. The ‘notepad’ feature will have universal appeal, and notes can be shared with clients, colleagues, and co-workers.

“Digital Paper offers a simple, intuitive experience and gives professionals portability and flexibility coupled with the ability to wirelessly access document management solutions and other content repositories.”

Sony is showcasing Digital Paper at this week’s American Bar Association Tech Show in Chicago and is working on bringing the device to international markets.

Key features:

• World’s thinnest, lightest body among devices with comparable screen sizes (approximately 9/32” and 12.6 oz.); slightly thicker than 30 sheets of paper

• 13.3 inch (screen size measured diagonally) electronic paper display

• High contrast display (1200 x 1600 dots), 16-level grayscale, incorporating “E Ink Mobius” technology from E Ink Corporation

• No backlight enables text to be read clearly, even in bright sunlight

• Built-in Wi-Fi functionality allows file sharing over a wireless network

• Rechargeable thin lithium-ion battery – up to 3 weeks use on a single charge

• AC adapter or USB rechargeable (computer-based charging)

• Storage – approximately 2,800 PDF files; internal memory of 4 GB coupled with micro SD card slot for additional storage

• Touch panel (IR touch) compatible with electromagnetic induction-type touch pen input

• Dimensions – Approximately 9 1/4” width by 12 1/4” height by 9/32” depth (thickness)

• Weight – Approximately 12.6 ounces