08-09-2015 12-38-04McDonald’s recently launched a new YouTube channel aimed at boosting the brand’s engagement with the nation’s youth.

Channel Us sits alongside the food giant’s more traditional TV, online and poster advertising, and is building a fun and engaging two-way relationship with 16-to 24-year-olds who are more likely to be online rather than watching linear TV.

The channel, which has been described as “a ground-breaking moment for McDonald’s in the UK” is hosted by established British YouTube stars Oli White and Hazel Hayes.

Each week the pair bring viewers a selection of new videos made by Channel Us followers as they respond to a series of challenges which must be completed within a 72 hours deadline.

In this video, aspiring event planner Charlotte rose to the challenge of throwing a party within the allotted time:

Other recent challenges have included producing a theatre show and becoming a football coach.

New challenges are posed each Friday and over the next year will cover topics popular with the channel’s key target demographic, including music, sport, comedy, science and travel.

To see more videos, or to take part, head over to their FacebookTwitter and Instagram now.

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