T-Mobile UK customers can look forward to paying their mobile network an additional 3.7% per month for their tariffs after the company announced a price hike.

The network says the increase applies to “consumer and business pay monthly customers who joined T-Mobile prior to 1 February 2012” while those “on our latest consumer tariffs such as You Fix, Full Monty, the rest of our current consumer pay monthly tariffs and Mobile Broadband will not be impacted.”

The increase comes into effect from May 9th but is restricted to tariffs – out of tariff call costs, texts and boosters are unaffected.

The company blames the increase on “rising costs of the business linked to inflation”. In February 2012 the RPI rate was 3.7% – the amount of the announced increase.

Unhappy customers hoping to cancel due to the increased prices look set to be disappointed.

An FAQ on T-Mobile’s website states: “Our pay monthly terms and conditions allow us to increase charges up to the Retail Price Index (RPI) figure in any 12 month period” and advises that those cancelling would “need to pay any cancellation charges that may apply”

A T-Mobile spokesperson told us: “We are sorry to say that we will be increasing the price of some of our monthly plans by 3.7% from 9th May 2012. On a £15 plan, this would represent a £0.55p monthly increase.

“The increase is a result of the rising costs of the business, linked to inflation, as well as our desire to continually invest in our network and propositions to provide the best service for our customers.

“Call, text and data rates will not be changing, and we are confident that we continue to offer our customers great value, rewarding deals, and the best network and service possible.

“Between 28th March and 3rd April 2012 all customers affected by the price increase will be contacted by letter with the full details. They will also be directed to a dedicated web page with an online calculator and frequently asked questions page for more information.”



  1. Scott Stevenson says

    Been a loyal customer of T mobile since day one! Paid all my bills and never been in appears and this is the thanks i get ! Im in a 2 year FIXED Contract and now its going up in price ! And it will cost me out 450 to cancel my remaining contract ! Absolute joke! Once my contract ends its goodbye T mobile ! And i hope many will follow ! Legalized robbers ! Hope you go bust Tmobile !

  2. tutu says

    Oh i will be doing the same…Good bye to T-mobile. Thank God my contract is over in a few months!

  3. mark says

    Outrageous. I have a mobile and iPad with them so will be affected by two rises
    When out contract I will never take another contract again
    Tmobile will pay for this is the long run

  4. Darren Nixon says

    Been with T-Mobile for a good number of years, never had a price increase before. My current contract is due for renewal in June and it won’t be.

  5. Donna White says

    I am exactly the same, and the cheek that they dont even tell you by letter, I got a text, extremely unprofessional. I called customer services and the woman was so unhelpful, she told me that I did not get a letter because they didnt have my full address! as I said extremely unprofessional. I have been a loyal customer for 10 years, have never paid late. When my contract is up I will be leaving. Bad move T-Mobile!

  6. Rachel says

    So far I’ve rung customer services and written to them and had 2 letters of response. Yes its legal, no I cant get out of it and I too will leave once my contract ends. MY MISSION: to cost them more in man hours at customer services than the value of the increase of my contract. Keep complaining, keep emailing about anything (you couldnt get a signal last Friday whatever). Then leave as soon as you can. Bad business practice is all I can say.

  7. Paulie says

    I will pay them what I owe them for my package as per contract, but from May 9th onwards it will be minus 3.7%… and if they suspend my service they will get nothing. The RPI affects me as well (that’s there excuse btw), I don’t get 3.7% more money do I? I have send loads of emails to them up to the point when I got a ………..’You have exhausted our internal escalation process. If you wish to take matters further you will need to consult with a third party as our position remains the same. This will be our final response on this matter’……… it won’t be from me, I will fight tooth and nail!!! how come people on new contracts won’t be impacted? next stop CISAS/OFCOM as I’am on the dole and it is of ‘material detriment’ to me!!! see ofcom gen reg 9.3… http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/2011/01/can-a-telecoms-provider-change-the-terms-of-your-contract/ GOOD LUCK

  8. toby says

    I dont think it is legal
    On the contract I signed I dont see any reference to the RPI

    As far as Im concerned a contract cannot be changed mid term.
    I went into the tmobile store and the representive told me ‘the government have forced us to do it in the budget’ ?lol???
    I have 22 months left, Im thinking of cancelling my contract and taking it to small claims, to get a judgement against them charging me 600 in cancellation fee

  9. Riz says

    I don’t know what the big deal is, its only a £1 increase a month and that comes up to about an extra £12 a year. Its still one of the cheapest mobile networks out there. Most people will spend that on their lunch in one day or a takeaway. Get a life and complain about something worth complaining about like car insurance or council price increases.

  10. says

    The rise will see my Flext-40 package go from £29 to £37 a month with only 3 months to go on the contract. The new system seems to add the extra on as VAT and now the web interface has all prices exclusing VAT. If my original contract (at home) has prices inc VAT then they are pulling a fast one.

    I’ll not be renewing my contract with T-Mobile and for this utter vile act i do hope it comes back to bite them. Loyal customer of 4 years, now leaving.

  11. JL says

    I’m absolutely disgusted by a price change in the middle of my 2 year plan. I’ve rung to complain. It’s not the amount – it’s the principle of it.

  12. Paulie says

    @ Riz
    The big deal is, if you let phone companies, car insurance etc etc do it to you they will just take the p*** and walk all over you. The amount of money isn’t the point here it’s the principle.

  13. Spencer says

    The same rise was put on to all orange loyal customers the only way to deal with this is to leave as soon as you can I had a iPhone 40 contract now it’s a iPhone 42.68 . To cap it all orange / tmobile are crap . It’s O2 for me

  14. ian says

    dont see what the problem is ,been with tmobile few years now never any problems just stop complaining and pay the extra ,complain about the bank charges instead their the ones rippng everyone off!!!!!!!

  15. Abdul says

    Wow loyal customer of 6 years now on his way to 02. Guess T-mobile think that they will get away with it.