Image: Apple
Reports, speculation and rumours of new Apple TV products were rife in the build up to this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Depending on which site you read, Apple was meant to announce either (or both of) an actual TV set, a software development kit to allow apps to be built or any number of content deals.

We reported some of these rumours, suitably flagged as such, ourselves.

In the end we got news of revamped MacBooks, a new retina display MacBook Pro, a glimpse at iOS6, a price and launch month for Mac OS X Mountain Lion and even a new iPad case.

But no TV related news.

Is the Apple TV a mere wishful projection or a mistimed but accurate whisper of a product yet to be delivered?

I’m still unsure what the device would offer viewers outside the US.

On the other hand I’d like my current Apple TV to do more than it does, including offering iPlayer, 4oD and other catch-up services. Support for Sky’s NOW TV would also be nice.

Apple’s problem here in the UK is that those wants will soon be satisfied by YouView which will offer those plus much more, including free broadcast TV.

On current specs the Apple TV simply won’t be able to compete and Given Apple’s US-centric approach to the existing product doesn’t bode well for content.

If the Apple TV ever moves from whisper (the iPhone nano never did) to reality it’s hard to see how it competes in nations with fiercely competitive TV markets.