Gary Stretch, Vinnie Jones, Lee Ryan, Stephen Rea, Adrian Paul, Christopher Lee, Shannyn Sossamon and Sadie Frost star in The Heavy, due to hit cinema screens on 16th April. Directed by Marcus Warren with a soundtrack by Paul Oakenfold, the film is described as a political crime thriller of family rivalry and betrayal.

Stretch plays Boots, henchman for a successful but shady businessman, who attempts to leave his life of crime behind him after being released from prison. Before he can do so he has to carry out one last assignment and assassinate his own brother Christian, an MP hotly tipped to be the next Prime Minister.

When Boots is given the opportunity to finally exact his revenge on the brother who testified against him and helped land him in jail in the first place – the temptation is too great to resist… As events take a downward spiral, Boots realises that he can’t take anything for granted, especially not when family is involved.

We’ll be bringing you a review of the film nearer the release date but in the meantime check out the trailer: