Rory Williams (ARTHUR DARVILL), The Doctor (MATT SMITH), Amy Pond (KAREN GILLAN) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Rogers

Actually there aren’t any in this post because lots of people won’t have seen tonight’s Doctor Who and it’d be utterly wrong to spoil the surprises in what was Steven Moffat’s finest episode yet.

I’ve not been the biggest fan of what’s been delivered over the past two years and I still can’t work out how a Christmas special that was the equivalent of an empty toy box got past the scripting stage.

But, and it’s an important but, tonight’s episode was just about as good an episode of Doctor Who as there’s ever been.

And if you bash someone else’s work when you perceive they got it wrong then you owe it them and yourself to have the honesty to shout Horrrrray! when you think they got it right.

So consider this post me duly shouting!



  1. Noblelox says

    Do you think? Best ever?? Where was the danger? The tension? Moffat was right when he said the Daleks are the most easily defeat-able foe there is. The show doesn’t make it harder any more, they just think sticking even more of them in the shot will make it scary! “What’s scarier that 10 Daleks??? How about 1,000 Daleks!!!! errr no….