Apple has added music and TV shows to its Apple TV
Overnight Apple has rolled out its iTunes Match service to the UK and added the ability to watch TV shows purchased from iTunes to the Apple TV.

The iTunes Match allows users to access to their entire music library via Apple’s iCloud system in return for a yearly fee of £21.99.

Instead of moving tracks between individual devices, up to 10 devices, including iPads, iPhones and the Apple TV can access high-quality, DRM-free versions of the tracks.

Until now, UK owners of Apple’s internet-enabled Apple TV have been limited to renting movies, listening to podcasts and accessing video services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Video and music could be ‘pushed’ to the device using the Airplay feature but this required having a computer or iPad switched on and connected to the Apple TV via WiFi.

From today, Apple TV owners can access TV shows purchased from iTunes and iTunes Match subscribers also gain access to their music collection.

Earlier this week menu options for the Match service appeared in iTunes, however customers who signed up later had their payment refunded and the menu was removed.

Menu options for TV shows also briefly appeared on the Apple TV before being removed.

Both services are now officially available in the UK.



  1. David Clare says

    Cool, but all my music in iTunes has been bought through iTunes – so there is no need for me to subscribe to iTunes Match. But that means I cannot access my music on my Apple TV through the cloud. Seems unfair that I should subscribe to iTunes Match to simply allow me to access my music. It should be music through iCloud and iTunes Match should be for its actually purpose – that is to put all your music collection bought outside of iTunes in the Cloud.

  2. Andrew Gibson says

    David I completely agree with you, I can now watched episodes of tv shows I have previously bought, even if I have deleted them from my computer like LOST which I had two complete series of. How come I can stream these for free and not music? theres something not quite right about it, probably down to the re-negotiated recording studio contracts but it is very unfair!

    I can’t justify paying over £21 just to listen to music I can listen to my opening my macbook and streaming it across to my apple tv anyway!