UKTV Play Logo (landscape:light) RGBUKTV Play, a new video on demand and catch-up brand offering content from UKTV’s Dave,Yesterday and Really channels, has launched on PC, Mac and YouView.

The service was ‘soft launched’ on Apple’s iOS platform earlier this year and, as announced last week, is also available on Virgin Media’s TiVo platform where it also includes content from UKTV’s pay channels.

PC and Mac users can access the service via their web browsers while YouView owners will have their existing Dave,Yesterday and Really catch-up app updated to reflect the UKTV Play branding.

Dan Fahy, UKTV’s Director, Commercial and Business Development, commented: “We created UKTV Play to give viewers access to UKTV’s fantastic content anytime, anywhere via a single on-demand destination.

“UKTV’s viewers really embraced the new UKTV Play app when it launched on iOS in the summer and the launch of UKTV Play on PC and YouView marks the next step in growing UKTV’s first fully-digital brand.”

David Faulkner, Head of Business Development at YouView added: “It’s great to see UKTV further investing in its on demand TV player, which has been popular with YouView customers for well over a year.

“UKTV Play gives YouView customers access to a wide range of quality on demand TV programmes via our seven day scroll back guide and within the bespoke player, offering a flexible and easy-to-use TV experience for everyone.”