clarkson_hammon_may_amazonJeremy Clarkson’s latest poke at the BBC comes in a new advert for Amazon’s Fire TV stick – a HDMI dongle which adds an array of streaming services to a standard HD TV.

The stick’s biggest draw is the availability of Amazon’s own Prime Instant Video service which will be home to Clarkson’s all-new motoring show from next spring.

The former Top Gear star has been busy criticising his former employer of late, lamenting its ‘nanny-state’ tendencies and the perceived failings of some of its top managers.

In the advert he references his sacking from the hit motoring show, saying “Back in the spring, as you probably remember, I suddenly became un-busy” explaining how the Fire TV stick helped save him from boredom.

The Fire TV stick costs £34.99 and also includes access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Demand 5.