VMB300MbpsVirgin Media is to launch a new 300Mbps broadband service next year, bringing business customers speeds which are almost four times faster than ISPs using BT’s network can deliver.

The service, which is also almost more than twice Virgin Media’s current top speed, was announced by Peter Kelly, the firm’s Managing Director of Business, at an industry event in London.

Kelly commented: “Every day businesses tell us that faster broadband speeds increase productivity and help deliver better services for customers.

“At Virgin Media Business we’re focused on enabling businesses to reach their potential by delivering better services and greater capacity. Our 300Mbps service will set a new benchmark for business broadband in the UK.”



  1. Nick price says

    Peter Kelly might want to re-examine how Virgin Media Business actually provisions it’s products to businesses. What’s the point of trumpeting a new product when it’s currently impossible to actually get Virgin to commit to a date to provision any business data product? We have now been waiting over 6 weeks for their “implementations team” to coordinate themselves sufficiently to provide us with an installation date – to a building where they already supply to 2 other businesses? How does that “increase productivity”. Suggest Peter might want to spend more time with his Implementations Team and less time with his PR team! Another example of a boss being out of touch with the day to day reality of his own business!