vodafone_store_720Vodafone has brought its 4G service to London skyscraper Tower 42, ensuring the buildings tenants and users will enjoy the full benefits of their smartphones while taking in the capital’s skyline.

Vodafone engineers have installed “hundreds of antennas” and over 6100m of coax cable and 2000m of fibre to power the service which uses its high-bandwidth 2.6GHz spectrum to provide “excellent 4G coverage with ample capacity.”

Vodafone UK’s Head of Network Kye Prigg said: “We are delighted that Tower 42 invited us to partner with them to deliver the best service possible to our customers, in one of the busiest and most popular areas of London.

“With many of London’s skyscrapers now towering above our mobile network below, our engineers have to head for the heights in order to provide customers with a strong 4G signal.

:Increasingly, we are providing bespoke 4G systems to achieve this, as well as working out new ways to overcome modern designs, such as reflective glass which can divert radio waves.”

Philip Lewis, Kirsh Group, commented on behalf of the owners: “At Tower 42, we take great pride in offering the best facilities and there is no doubt that good mobile phone and data connectivity is critical to modern business success.

“In partnership with Vodafone, this technology allows us to lead the way in delivering dedicated 4G coverage to the 2,500 people who work within the Tower and our 1,200 daily visitors.”