preacherEarlier this week it was announced that Preacher, the much-anticipated new series from Seth Rogen, would b available in the UK via Amazon’s Prime Instant Video streaming service despite it airing in the US on AMC.

This news has been met with joy from TV fans who don’t have access to AMC UK, which is exclusive to BT,

and puzzlement

and annoyance from BT customers who are asking what the point of an AMC channel is if it doesn’t screen AMC shows.

I looked at some of the reasons this happens, it’s also the case with Into the Badlands, back in November, but with fresh grumbles popping up all over the web I asked AMC to comment on Preacher’s omission from their UK line-up and this is what a spokesperson told me:

“AMC acquires series on a case-by-case, territory-by-territory basis due to a variety of factors including regional business needs and viewing appetites of local audiences.”

So that seems pretty settled, AMC US commissions aren’t guaranteed to air on all international versions of the channel and whether they air on AMC Global or AMC UK will depend on how the broadcaster thinks they fit in with its business needs and audience appetites.