bbc_plus_app_1200The BBC has unveiled a new customisable app for iOS and Android which lets users access some of their favourite BBC content while on the move.

BBC+ is part of the broadcaster’s strategy to deliver “a more personal BBC” to licence fee payers and is expected to boost the numbers who sign up for a free BBC login which can be used to customise their online BBC experience.

By expanding the concept to mobile devices the BBC is hoping make its content more accessible and attractive to time-poor audiences.

After downloading the app and signing-in, users can personalise the content on offer, including picking from the BBC’s news and politics coverage, the latest sporting updates or updates from BBC Three.
Clare Hudson, Executive Editor, Homepage and BBC+ said: “By making BBC+ customisable, we are able to give users more relevant things to read, watch and listen to from across the BBC.

“This means you can use your spare moments well because once you’ve caught up on the day’s main events you can browse articles from across the BBC on topics you’ve chosen yourself.

“It’s also an easy way to discover things you weren’t expecting to find as everything is brought together in one simple app.”