Ghosts-In-My-HomeSony Channel, previously known as Sony Entertainment Television, has announced the exclusive arrival of Ghosts In My Home to the channel.

The chilling paranormal investigative thriller will make its UK Premiere on Thursday 21st January, 9pm.
Haunted homeowners from across the land open their doors to Intuitive Healer Nadine Mercey and her crack team of paranormal investigators. From suburban bungalows to rural farmhouses, nowhere is safe from the supernatural, as strange-sounds in the dead of night, self-locking doors, and the icy-touch of spirits stalking the corridors abound.

Mercey’s team scour the properties to uncover the ghastly truth, and dig deep into the traumatic back-stories that might explain the horrors within.
Sky 157/Virgin 193/BT and TalkTalk 331