The_Walking_Dead_title_cardBT’s TV customers are set to miss out on the second half of The Walking Dead’s latest series after the company confirmed it’s losing Fox from its channel line-up at the end of this month.

Fox and its HD variant are two of the UK’s most popular pay-TV channels and have been available on BT’s TV service since 2012 but the ISP says it is no longer able to offer them following a decision by the channels’ owners.

In addition to the live channels, BT’s customers enjoy seven day catch-up to Fox’s shows which also include Marvel’s Agent Carter and NCIS.

Over the weekend rumours, since confirmed by the BT press office, began to circulate that the channels would vanish from BT homes at the end of the month.

Both channels have been removed from BT’s advertising and a spokesperson for the ISP has now confirmed they’ll vanish from EPGs from March 1st.

News of the channels’ removal has prompted complaints from unhappy users who will now miss the remainder of The Walking Dead’s new episodes as well as future series.

A spokesperson said: “BT is sorry that it will no longer be able to offer the FOX and FOX HD channels on BT TV. Unfortunately, Fox is no longer offering its channels to all UK TV platforms, so BT TV customers will no longer be able to view the channels from March 1.

“We will continue to provide our customers with all our other great TV channels, including Comedy Central, GOLD, MTV and the AMC channel, which is exclusive to BT customers.”



  1. AndySuth says

    “Come to us, exclusively for “‘Fear the Walking Dead’!” (By the way, you can’t see ‘The Walking Dead’ anymore).

    Maybe they can use the line “Fear Loosing The Walking Dead”.