bt_halo_1BT has an unveiled a new home telephone which can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth to ensure customers in poor signal areas never miss a call.

The BT Halo can be connected to up to two mobile phones and will copy contacts from the mobile handset to the Halo’s internal address book.

Available in single and twin handset packs, the Halo sports a stylish and contemporary shape which has been designed to fit the contours of the human face and be easy and comfortable to hold during long calls.

It also features aluminium finishes, a 1.8” colour screen and backlit keypad for easy dialling in poor light.

In addition to a built-in answerphone, the Halo includes BT’s Nuisance Call Blocking technology which lets customers block unwanted calls made to their landline number, and the handset will work up to 300m away from the base station when outdoors, or 50m indoors.

Call blocking works by screening incoming calls against the numbers stored in the phone’s address book, which are whitelisted, and the user-configurable block list. Callers from numbers not in either list must announce their name before the customer answers.


The phone uses customer decisions on each call to learn over time who they want to speak to and who they don’t.

To forward calls from their mobile, customers must leave their mobile handset within Bluetooth range of the Halo.

Erik Raphael, director of wi-fi and devices at BT, said: “We’re extremely pleased to add the stylish BT Halo to our range of home phones and believe the premium design of the handset will be a valued addition to any home.

“With the built-in Bluetooth technology you can take mobile calls on your landline, making it ideal for anyone who at times struggles to get mobile reception around their home.”

The BT Halo is available at and costs £99.99 for a single handset and £139.99 for a twin pack.