alec_baldwin_btAlec Baldwin has been unveiled as the latest Hollywood star to front BT’s “behind the scenes” ad campaign.

The Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor and producer will promote the firm’s BT Mobile service which earlier this week announced a new range of smartphone tariffs.

In the ad Baldwin will be seen conducting a series of tests around the country to check whether the BT Mobile 4G and wi-fi network really is, as claimed, “as good as Alec Baldwin’s dramatic delivery”.

His appearance, described as “an entertaining parody of the advertising process”, follows on from earlier ads starring Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, Rebel Wilson and Ewan McGregor.

Dan Ramsay, BT Consumer marketing director, said: “We wanted to bring to life just how good BT Mobile’s 4G and wi-fi coverage is.

“We understand that getting online where they need to, really matters to our customers.

Viewers will be entertained watching Alec in everyday British settings where he will use his talent to speak in a dramatic way about ordinary things.

“He has such a great delivery– whether it’s his pauses or his intonation, he has a way of making anything sound dramatic.

“He could read out the BT Phone Book and leave you wanting more.”