Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of JusticeFrom their earliest days comic books have been inspiring fans of all ages to take up drawing, and their longevity means some of today’s top comic artists were themselves inspired by the very characters they now earn a living from drawing.

As well as providing Hollywood with some guaranteed money-makers, the expansion of Marvel and DC Comics’ universes to the big screen is helping widen the appeal both of the subject matter and of the artistry behind the franchises.

For many this is expressed by buying a poster or T-Shirt but, as with the comic readers before them, many movie fans are looking to be a little more expressive and artistic.

For anyone wanting to draw, or create new adventures for, their favourite super heroes there’s a decent range of books, such as How to Draw Batman, Superman and Other DC Super Heroes and Villains, which offer tips and advice on getting them right.

But once you’ve had fun with Batman and friends, it’s possible you’ll want to have a go at creating your own characters, bestowing on them a range of powers more established heroes can only envy.

Getting that authentic super hero look and feel right can be tricky but, in true comic book style, help is at hand courtesy of the guys at who’ve put together a helpful guide to choosing a colour scheme for your hero’s costume:

By the way, if you’re thinking of giving them a sidekick be sure to think ahead and avoid colour clash!