UK iTunes users can now sign-up for Apple’s cloud-based music storage, iTunes Match.

The service allows users to pay a yearly fee of just £21.99 in return for access to their entire music library via Apple’s iCloud system.

Instead of moving tracks between individual devices, up to 10 devices, including iPads and iPhones, can access high-quality, DRM-free versions of the tracks.

Localised pricing and sign-up options have started appearing in other nations.

At present the feature does not appear to be fully working, suggesting Apple is in the process of rolling it out ahead of a formal launch.

Last week UK Apple TVs briefly displayed a menu for access TV shows purchased in iTunes, a feature already available in the US. The menu option subsequently disappeared and there has been no word from Apple about whether this feature was being added for UK consumers.

Update: The sign-up option has now disappeared from UK iTunes accounts.



  1. Peter Weatherby says

    Not only has it sneaked in … But like the TV option on the Apple TV, it seems to have sneaked out too! – no sign of it on my iTunes account …

  2. Matthew Cartwright says

    I cant see it anywhere. The new iTunes details ‘Match’ but its no where to be seen. Has it been pulled?

  3. Andy Austin says


    So, at 23:17, I just noticed the itunes match in the uk store in itunes. So I make the purchase, it doesn’t work and lo and behold I find that it has been redacted, judging by the above message by 8:25am.

    Apple must have known of the problem, yet they left the purchase option in the uk store for scmucks like me to come along later when everyone else has already had the problem! How difficult would it have been for them to update the uk itunes store and prevent further purchases.

    Methinks there may be some recourse via the credit card companies to kick Apple where it hurts for this.