Quatermass-logoSci-fi icon Professor Bernard Quatermass is returning to TV in a new series overseen by Hammer Films and Nicola Shindler’s RED Production Company.

Created by Nigel Kneale, Quatermass first appeared in 1953’s The Quatermass Experiment and led the British Rocket Group’s fight against hostile alien forces.

The character last appeared on TV in a 2005 live remake which aired on BBC Four.

The show is described as “a modern remake of the British series that follows Professor Bernard Quatermass and his daughter, Sarah, as they investigate an alien invasion.”

Plans for a new Quatermass series were first announced by Hammer boss Simon Oakes in 2012.

Speaking to SEENIT at the time, Oakes said: “We are looking at rebooting Quatermass which we own the rights to. We’re at the very early stages of that.

“We have a fantastic writer but we can’t announce because we’re still in negotiations.

“It’s about rebooting the character, he’s got certain characteristics which remain the DNA of Quatermass – who he is, what he is – but the Rocket Group we can’t do now.”

“What we’re saying is ‘what would Bernard Quatermass be today?’”

Written by Jeremy Dyson (League of Gentlemen, Ghost Story), the new show will air in the US on BBC America and is being distributed by StudioCanal.

A UK broadcaster has yet to be announced.