idris_sky_boxsetsSky’s increasing focus on its box sets service continues with a major new campaign highlighting how subscribers can enjoy more of their favourite shows whenever they want.

Over recent years the UK’s biggest pay-TV operator has been encouraging customers to hook their set top boxes up to their home broadband and binge on box sets of classic favourites and current hits.

Last year CEO Jeremy Darroch said the service was key to retaining customers and boosting profits.

The shift from linear broadcasting to streaming provider, Sky also owns the Now TV streaming service, pitches the firm in ever greater competition with Netflix and Amazon with which it battles for content rights and subscribers.

Sky is using popular and major shows to drive usage of its box set service, last year premiering episodes from action series Strike Back on Sky Box Sets and this month making every episode of Sky Atlantic’s Billions available on demand.

Created by Brothers and Sisters, the new ad campaign includes TV, press, outdoor, social and digital and takes a comical look at the inner conflicts faced by everyone who’s been hooked on a great box set.

The 40-second TV spot features a man torn between watching another episode of Billions, the new hit show from the US, or going to bed. Idris Elba plays his inner voice, nudging him to watch just one more episode.

This is backed up by a run of print ads which delve into further conflicts that people experience when they’re hooked on a box set, using insights such as ‘The dishes can wait 58 minutes’ and ‘You can go to the gym tomorrow’.